14 Steps To Create A Website

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14 Steps To Build a Website a using PDCA (PLAN, DO, CHECK, ACT)


Following on from my previous blog post ‘6 Steps To Plan A Website’, here are the 14 steps I used to create this website which was very much stress free due to the detailed planning carried out in the ‘Plan’ phase.

Below is a list of everything I  needed  highlighted from the ‘plan’ phase and what I used for each element to become part of my website.
  1. Hosting  – I use Bluehost for hosting as it is recommended by Michael Hyatt, author of ‘Platform’ and one of the world’s most successful and influential writer and bloggers

2. A reliable platform  – most of the bloggers in the world including me use WordPress.  I have used WordPress for my Travel Photography blog for a few years now so no need to change. WordPress is easy to use, easy to navigate and integrates with loads of plug ins

3. A suitable theme – I started using Standard Theme and went through many iterations and customisations to try to achieve the minimalist look I had envisioned. The theme changed to Twenty Twelve just before this website was launched as Twenty Twelve suits my vision for my website much better

4. A domain name – I chose Siobhain.Danaher.com – thankfully no-one else was using this domain name!!

5. A website name  – The current name for this website changed many times and I finally decided on ‘The Art Of Positive Change’ as I think it represents the holistic nature of Lean in Business and Simplicity in Life that I will write about

6. A tagline – the tagline for this website stayed the same up to a few days before the launch of this website when it was changed to the current ‘Lean in Business, Simplicity in Life’

7. Headings for the menu –  ‘About Me’, ‘What is Positive Change’ and ‘Recent Posts’ are the current headings in the menu – more headings will be decided as I create blog posts

8. The website needs to be responsive (mobile device friendly) –  the WordPress theme I am using, ‘Twenty Twelve’, is fully responsive

9. Enable sharing of blog posts through social media networks – I use the Plugin ‘AddToAny Share Buttons’ for sharing blog posts. The share buttons are colourful, clear and minimalist which fits in with the theme of my website

10. Enable readers to connect through social media networks – social media icons that connect to my social media networks are built into the WordPress ‘Twenty Twelve’ theme

11. Enable readers to contact me directly through the website/blog – I use the Plugin ‘Contact Form 7′ for a contact form that is connected to my e-mail

12. Enable readers to sign up to my e-mail list  – I use MailChimp which is fully integrated with WordPress.  MailChimp is the e-mail service provider (ESP) of choice for many well established bloggers. It is really easy to set up and create e- mail templates with

13. Determine the metrics required from the website, how will you know if your targets/objectives are being met? I have been tracking metrics on my Travel Photography blog for 5 years and so have an idea what metrics are required for this website

14. FInd time to write and create content – this requires a PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle of its own!!!

Below is an excellent video by Michael Hyatt explaining the steps required to create a WordPress website of your own,

That’s it,

Keeping it Simple,





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