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Whether your journey of change spans minutes or a lifetime, you will need sufficient energy to stay the course.

Keeping your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy levels at a premium will ensure you have the strength and tenacity required for change.

Knowing where you get your energy from and ensuring you schedule time in your day to recharge and build your energy levels will go a long way to assist you on your journey of change.

Whether it is 60 minutes at the gym, 30 minutes reading, 10 minutes of meditation, 6 quick pints or 5 minutes of solitude, make sure you schedule time for whatever you need to keep those energy levels at an optimum.

In this fast paced digital world we may think that we need to have high energy all the time to keep up with the many demands of our busy lives.

Having high energy is important, however having low energy is just as important and both are required to create a balance in our energy levels.

As humans our energy levels are cyclical, as the seasons of nature evolve into each other, as night follows day and as the tides flow and ebb, each phase allows the other to co-exist and both are equally necessary and of equal importance.

Being in a low energy phase will allow you to rest and recuperate and prepare for the high energy times ahead. Allow yourself to take the foot off the pedal, be kind to yourself and relax into the low energy phase. Allow yourself to just be and enjoy the deep feeling of contentment that this can bring.  It will serve you well when the time for high energy reappears.

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