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Thanks to the brilliant Andy Kefford for the above image

If we want to implement and sustain change of any kind in our lives, we need to be honest with the world and our place in it.

In order to be honest with the world around us, we first need to be honest with ourselves.  

This honesty requires us to look deep into ourselves to figure out who we are, what our values are, what we want from our precious lives, what type of lives we want to live, what direction we are going in and where we ultimately want our destination to be.

Along the journey of effective change, there are decisions to be made, these decisions will determine how successful and sustainable the changes we make will be.

In order to make the right decisions we need to be honest about why we are changing and exactly where we want to be when these changes have been implemented

This level of self-honesty takes continuous bravery and for us mere mortals this bravery is a lifelong work in progress.

When we become completely honest with ourselves, we can become completely honest with the world. The path to effective change will then become enjoyable and peaceful and doors will begin to open for us to infinite possibilities.

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