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Thanks to the brilliant Andy Kefford for the above image

Walt Disney and the hugely successful brand he built is synonymous with the word imagination. It is in the imagination of Walt and those who followed in his footsteps that our favourite characters were dreamed of before they became a reality and burst onto our screens and into our lives.

Who ever thought a small mouse with a squeaky voice would be one of the most famous and most loved characters around the globe for decades? It truly is amazing what the imagination can bring to life when we focus on possibilities and not obstacles!!!

All change usually means doing something that hasn’t been done before and in order to bring about change we must first engage our most precious creativity tool – our imaginations.

Our imaginations are limitless, there is no end to what we can dream of or believe within our imaginations, just as there are no limits to what can be achieved in the real world where dreams become reality.  We can use our imaginations to dream of the change we wish to see, use our imaginations to feel how we want to feel when the change is implemented and to ponder on the thoughts of how we are going to achieve the change.

‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, is one of the most widely read and successful books of all time. A parable about a young Andalusian shepherd, this remarkable book offers a wealth of wise lessons about life, the possibilities that lie within each of us and the importance of using our imaginations and following our dreams.

One of my favourite quotes  from ‘The Alchemist’ is the following

‘’When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Can you imagine that when we decide we want something an entire Universe will conspire to help us achieve it? We may find this hard to believe but an unwavering belief is exactly what is required to guarantee the success of what it is we want to achieve.

We must first believe that what is in our imagination is capable of becoming a reality. As suggested by the above quote, the Universe will then look after the finer details!!

In the image above, Pinky dreams of being with his loved ones on a sunny day, a very simple dream filled with immense happiness. Our dreams don’t have to be grand visions but they do need to resonate totally with ourselves.

Are you using your imagination to it’s fullest potential to dream about the change you want to see in your life and business?

Are you allowing your imagination to run wild and dream bigger than you ever thought possible?

I hope so!

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