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Thanks to the brilliant Andy Kefford for the above image

As a Lean practitioner I am always speaking with my colleagues about how Lean is a journey and that this journey with it’s highs and lows is never ending. We have our ‘True North’ which is what we are working towards but we do not have a concrete date or destination at which we need to be at or a timeframe to adhere to as the road is long and nobody knows what the future holds or what the Lean path will bring.

Treating every change we make in our personal and professional lives as a journey allows us to enjoy the process of change without the stress and anxiety of constantly thinking about the destination. Of course we need to know where we are going and more importantly why we are going in that direction, however the more we focus on the journey the less stressful change will be and the more we allow ourselves to enjoy the process of change.

I love this way of looking at change and use the analogy of a journey for all change in my professional and personal life.

There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘ The journey is the reward’ – this is something I keep in mind when I am enjoying the journey of change and even more so when I am finding the journey of change challenging.

Pinky in the image above is at the start of his journey of change, he feels a little nervous as he is unable to see the destination along his chosen path. The best thing he can do next is to take the first step and continue making progress step by step allowing himself time and space to enjoy the journey even though he can’t see his final destination.

Are you slowing down long enough to enjoy each step along the journey of change?

Where is your focus? On the destination or the journey?

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