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Thanks to the brilliant Andy Kefford for the above image

Change of almost any kind requires more skill than we currently have.

Learning and gathering knowledge on the path to change will ensure that when change happens we are more than ready for it.

There has never been an easier time to learn and build our portfolio of skills.

The internet has brought us a never ending stream of information and has allowed us to have access to mentors and coaches that before the internet we may never have known about. It has never been easier to become proficient in any area you are interested in.

There are so many avenues for learning these days. As well as online courses for absolutely everything, with the introduction of audiobooks we can now read/listen to books while we wait in the line at the supermarket or while we drive utilising time more efficiently in terms of learning. Podcasts by our favourite online mentors/coaches are available 24/7 on our smartphones. We have access to personal workouts in our home thanks to the fitness gurus on the countless social media sites available.

With all this access to information and knowledge it is never to late to make a change, whether you are learning a new skill or completely reinventing yourself or your career.

What skills are you learning to bring about positive change in your life?

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