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My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2017

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It’s hard to be believe I have been blogging for over 5 years! My first blog ‘The Photographer’s Guide To Travel’ was born in August 2012 at the ‘Book Passage’ bookstore, Corte Madera (slightly north of San Francisco) at the Travel Writer’s and Photographer’s Conference.

Back then I wasn’t exactly sure what a blog was, the purpose of a blog or how to manage a blog. 5 years later and I’m not sure if I’m any the wiser! You would think I would know a good bit about blogging by now however every year I find blogging and writing in general a steeper learning curve than the year before. With everything I learn I find there is even more to learn just around the corner. Maybe this is what draws me to blogging/writing, the insatiable, ever steep and never ending learning that is an integral part of the writing and sharing process.

In 2017 I wrote and published 24 blog posts which is more posts than I have published in any previous year.  I am definitely getting more disciplined at writing, but still have a long way to go to my goal of writing and publishing a post every week!   

Here are my 5 most viewed blog posts of 2017.

14 Steps To Create A Website

Thanks to Michael Hyatt’s amazing book ‘Platform’, I learned more about growing a social media presence this year than I have learned in the previous 5 years since launching my first blog. If you are a blogger, writer or business owner of any type and want to know more about growing your blog, readership and business through social media, I highly recommend this book. It’s easy to read and the wisdom shared is really easy to implement.

It is thanks to ‘Platform’ and the huge amount of resources that Michael Hyatt shares on his blog that I was able to design and create my own new website ‘The Art Of Positive Change’ earlier this year.

This blog post takes you through the 14 step process I used to design and create my website.

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Meeting Art and Understanding Lean

In 2013 I was humbled and immensely grateful to meet Art Byrne. Art, author of ‘The Lean Turnaround’ is a living legend in the world of Lean and is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that he is more than happy to share.  Art gave the keynote speech at the 2103 Lean Enterprise Academy Summit  – the video is embedded in this post.

This video is a must see for anyone interested in or implementing Lean.

Art says it as it is and his no nonsense, deeply wise approach to Lean is what we need more of in the world.

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Awareness and Action

This was the first post in my 26 part blog series ‘The Art Of Positive Change’. This blog series introduces my audience to ‘Pinky’ the Positive Pig created by the brilliant cartoonist Andy Kefford and brought to life through my blog posts. The blog posts series features and A to Z of the elements required to bring change into your life and business and there is no better place to start than ‘Awareness’ that change is required and ‘Action’ to implement change.

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The Complete A-Z Of Effective Change

This is the Central Page for my 26 part blog series ‘The Art Of Positive Change’ containing links to all of the published posts in the series.

So far I have published posts on Awareness, Bravery, Confidence, Dedication, Energy, Faith, Gratitude, Honesty, Imagination and Journey – all of the blog posts can be read by clicking on the links/images on this Central Page.

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Another blog post in my 26 part blog series ‘The Art Of Positive Change’. This is my 3rd post on the subject of Gratitude and I’m sure this will not be the last. Gratitude is the single most effective way of bringing peace and acceptance to a situation. Gratitude when expressed is a very powerful force.

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To each and every one of my readers, thank you for being here.

Without you, it’s just words on a computer screen!

Keeping it simple,


x x x



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