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Image Credit – the brilliant Andy Kefford 

As we know change of any sort may not be easy and sustainable change is the most challenging and difficult change of all.

Whether the change you are making is personal or professional, whether it is big or small, whether is it something you wished for or not wished for, all change requires bravery on some level.

Bravery is required in deciding to change.

Bravery is required in taking action to change.

Bravery is required in continuing with the consistent actions required to make change.

Bravery is required in becoming comfortable with the results of change.

Bravery is required in sustaining change for the long term.

When it comes to change, take a deep breath, be brave and take the next step forward.

Just like Pinky in the image above taking a brave step into the deep end, the deep end is almost never as deep as we think it is going to be.

You’ve got this! 🙂

This post is dedicated to my Dad, Con Danaher, who celebrates his birthday next week. My Dad is the bravest person I know and through his humble braveness he has taught me to be brave.

(I’m not exactly ‘Braveheart’ brave but I am braver than I used to be and more happy than ever to venture into the unknown!)

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Keeping it Simple,


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