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Faith can have many different meanings.

To some people it can mean an inner faith, an unwavering belief in yourself, in your talents, in your ability to change, in your ability to support others through change, in your gifts, attributes and all round goodness.

To some people it can mean a belief in something bigger than yourself, a purpose, a grand vision, a dharma, a religion, the universe.

No matter what faith means to you, whether it be an inner or outer faith that guides you, along the path of change your faith will be tested and challenged.

Your faith will be tested and challenged by external factors of which are infinite, your faith will be tested by life itself, by those you surround yourself with and your faith will even be tested and challenged by yourself.

Will this work? Is this the right change for me? am I doing the right thing? What if I didn’t change? All the doubting questions we ask ourselves will test even the strongest of faiths.

So, how do we make it to the other side of change?

Ensure you keep the faith, whatever faith you believe in. Know that you are capable of change, have faith in yourself, your capabilities, your resilience, your tenacity, your reasons for change and the results you want to achieve.

It’s easy to keep faith through good times, it is through the difficult and rough times that your faith will really be tested and it is then that you must believe and have faith in yourself even when no-one else has that faith in you or what you are doing.

Keeping your faith alive and strong will ensure you stay true to yourself and the change you envision.

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