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Welcome and thanks for reading,

I’m very excited to announce the launch of my 26 part blog series,

‘The A-Z Of Effective Change’

The star of my blog series is Pinky, the Positive Pig!

Pinky is always on a journey of change and is very happy to share his journey and learnings with you all.

Huge thanks to Andy Kefford, creative genius cartoonist, for working with me to bring Pinky to life.

Special thanks to my beautiful 7 year old niece Miah for giving Pinky such a fabulous name.

As a Lean practitioner, I’m very fortunate to work in the area of creating and sustaining positive change all day every day. Change happens to us all and is a constant companion in life and in business. Change occurs all the time, our bodies age, our cells change, our minds evolve and grow, our environment changes every millisecond, our world changes by the day.

How we process and deal with change is in direct correlation to the happiness and contentment we will feel during change and with the resulting outcome.

My blog series is written to give you an insight into the many elements required to create and sustain effective change. Whether the change is big or small, personal or professional, wished for or not wished for, I hope my blog series will assist you on your journey of change.

I will be posting 1-2 posts every week using a different topic for each letter of the alphabet. These posts will be shared on all of my social media platforms. To ensure you don’t miss a post sign up for my mailing list by entering your e-mail details at the top right hand side of this post. As soon as a new blog post is published you will receive it in your inbox.

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this blog series with you, I hope you enjoy reading the posts as much I have enjoyed creating them,

Keeping it Simple,


x x x


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