What is Positive Change?

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What is Positive Change?

Positive Change can mean something different for everyone, however no matter what your version of Positive Change is, one thing is for sure and certain is it should make you feel happy!

And that is what I hope you feel when you visit my website.

I’m a Lean Practitioner and am very fortunate to work at implementing ‘Positive Change’ as my day job. 

Lean in Business and Simplicity in Life is my philosophy.

This philosophy stems from a deep passion for Lean principles. This philosophy has diffused into my personal life where I use Lean principles to utilise my time and energy to solely focus on what brings joy and happiness to my life. My passion for and belief in Lean principles is why I created this website ‘The Art of Positive Change’

My vision for this website is to share information and stories from the world of Lean in Business and Simplicity in Life with you all.

What is Lean in Business?

Throughout my Lean journey I have heard Lean being described in so many different ways and described as so many different things.

Most definitions of Lean will contain the words ‘ business growth strategy’, ‘eliminate waste’, ‘provide value to the customer’, ‘develop people’, ‘respect for people’, ‘open culture’, ‘do more with less’, ‘problem solving culture’, ‘learning culture’, ‘increase profit’, ‘foster and sustain business growth’ , ‘Right First Time’, ‘Kaizen’, the list goes on and on.

Lean is all of the above and more, however I like to think of Lean as a way of living, a way of working and a way of being with 2 core principles

The elimination of ‘waste’ to create and deliver value to the customer

(you need to make money, grow and sustain growth to make your business successful)


Developing a deep and genuine respect for people by creating a learning and problem solving culture 

(you need to respect your employees and nurture and develop them to be the very best that they can be – in return your employees will deliver more than you can imagine for your business – not only is this a core principle of Lean it is also the right thing to do!)

Lean and the enormous benefits it brings to business is not a new concept. The application of the principles of Lean date back to 1850, yes over 160 years ago! Here are two great posts on the history of Lean

A Brief History Of Lean – Lean Enterprise Institute

A History Of Lean Manufacturing – Strategos

Henry Ford developed the principles further and Lean godfathers like Shigeo Shingo and Taiichi Ohno brought the ‘Toyota Production System’ to the world using Lean methodology enabling Toyota to become the worlds largest and greatest car manufacturer.

In more recent years, Lean methodology has diffused from the world of manufacturing into many more industries including healthcare/hospitals, government, services, IT, software etc.

Wherever there is a business, Lean is applicable and enormously beneficial to the bottom line and most importantly enormously positively impactful to the lives of your employees.

What is Simplicity in Life?

Simplicity in life is creating space to focus solely on activities that bring joy, value and meaning to our lives by removal of physical, mental and electronic clutter from our busy schedules.

Basically it’s removing the unwanted noise of our busy daily lives and everything that is not adding value to enable us to focus on what truly matters.

I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you,

Keeping it Simple






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