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One of my favourite quotes is from the legendary entrepreneur Jim Rohn,

Enjoy all you have while pursuing all you want’

It’s natural for us all to have hopes and dreams and work hard towards these hopes and dreams. However, while pursuing all we want it is really important to be aware of and immensely grateful for all we have in this very present moment.

On working towards our hopes and dreams it is helpful to take stock of and be grateful for the blessings each and every one of us have in our lives, for everything we are, for those who share our lives, for where we are and where we are going.

When we are making changes to get to a better place in life, work, business or relationships, being grateful for where we are here and now will bring peace to any situation and will ensure our eye stays on the future goal but that we remain present and content in the current situation.

Tony Robbins, in his book ‘Master The Game’ , suggests that real wealth comes from gratitude. I totally agree with this concept – how can we be happy with more if we are not happy with what we already have?

In her hugely successful book ‘The Secret, Rhonda Byrne tells us that ‘feeling gratitude is the fastest way to change every single thing in your life.’ The concept of using the simplicity of gratitude to transform your entire life is what ‘The Secret’ is based on and is so true to it’s teachings.

The more grateful we are the more peaceful a situation becomes and the smoother the path of change will be.

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