Know Your Why

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Simon Sinek’s ‘Start With Why’ Ted Talk has had over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

In this popular video Simon talks about starting with your ‘Why’ when you are doing something. It is one of my favourite Ted talks and is absolutely worth a watch.



‘Why’ makes sense as a good place to start anything!

And so that is where this new website started.

It started with my ‘Why’.

My ‘Why’ is – I want an online platform where I can share Lean and Simplicity learnings with an audience who wants to learn more about Lean, Simplicity, Positive Change and immense benefits of same.

I want to share these learnings and benefits because I have seen the advantages of using Lean principles in business where employees are valued above anything else and are nurtured, encouraged and developed to be the very best they can be. I have also seen the disadvantages of not using Lean principles  in business where employees are not valued, not nurtured, not encouraged and developed to be the best they can be.

The presence or the absence of Lean principles will drive your company culture, what culture would you prefer to work in and be part of?

In the Lean world we always speak about ‘Knowing Your Why’ – this means to know why you are doing something, why it is part of your business, why you are improving it, why the business should spend resources doing this etc. We like the word ‘Why’ so much we use a tool called the ‘5Whys’ (excuse the pun!).

Knowing your ‘Why’ is the most critical step in accomplishing, enjoying and being successful at anything – when times get tough (as they always do), your ‘Why’ will be what keeps you going.

Here is a great post on ‘WHY’ from Dale Partridge on the philosophy he refers to as ‘Whyology’, Dale also refers to Simon Sinek’s Ted talk in this post.

‘How To Build An Emotional Brand That Stand Out’

 What is your ‘Why’?

Keeping it Simple,



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